Season 4

  • Shane Stewart

    Shane Stewart won the majority of Australia’s biggest Sprintcar events over the past 20 years. He truly is one of the real nice guys in the world of Speedway, he […]

  • Jeff Leisk

    To most Speedway people you say the name Jeff Leisk and you think, yes he drove a Sprintcar and owned a very successful team. But there is a whole lot […]

  • The Jackson Family

    Most people know the name Skip Jackson, but what about his Mum (Maureen) & his five brothers, Jeff, Bob, John, Paul & David.This family has an incredible story to tell, […]

  • Steve Raymond

  • Phil Jordison

    He is Australia’s leading speedway photographer and has been for many years, he had to start out somewhere and he candidly chats with Stu about this. For the past 20 […]

  • Paul Morris

  • Mark Cooper

  • Kelly Linigen

  • Joey Saldana

  • Ian Madsen