Season 5

  • David Mills

    David Mills held the top job at Premier Speedway the past 15 years. David talks to Stu about the decision to resign and like any other podcast, talks everything else […]

  • Stephen Bell

    He is one of the best blokes I know, has a heart of gold, but once the helmet goes on he becomes a racer. Belly knows what he wants and […]

  • Ron Pyne

    The Pyne Family name is one of the biggest names in Australian Speedway, especially sedan racing. Ron is a larger the life a character and Stu sat down with him […]

  • Danny Smith

    While his passport says that he is American, I believe that he is half an Aussie. Danny Smith spent 25 years of coming to Australian shores to race Sprintcars. The […]

  • Garry Coleman

    You may have seen his happy smiling face at many different motorsport events across Australia. Garry Coleman is the Senior Sports Chaplin at SCA Motor Racing Ministries. In what can […]

  • Freddy Walsh

    He is loved by everyone in the sport…. Freddy Walsh chats to Stu about his journey so far, from working with some of the biggest names to just having fun […]

  • Tony Stewart

    From his early days right up to now, Stu chats with Smoke on many different topics, Speedcars (Midgets), Sprintcars, NASCAR to being engaged and his love for animals. You may […]

  • Brett Loadsman

    When you think of characters in the world of Speedway this man certainly comes to mind. Brett Loadsman was force in Fender Benders but also new how to steer a […]

  • James McFadden

    From Alice Springs in the middle of Australia, James McFadden knows how to win Sprintcar races, whether it is here in Australia, or over in USA. He has just announced […]

  • Brian Dunlap

    World Racing Group’s Director of Broadcast Services, Brian Dunlap, speaks openly about all things DIRTVision, World of Outlaws, World Racing Group and himself being a car owner.